Payrolling take an important place of human resources departments. One of the substantial issues that human resources departments and boutique companies with no human resources structure should follow frequently changing social security institution(SSI) legislation, exhortation and notification. Of course, the proposition of technology is quite high. In particular, we are aware of the fact that wage secrecy, as well as the calculations in the payroll, is a big part of the corporate and human resources departments. Thanks to the knowledge and experience that Rich outsourcing has accumulated over the years,

Rich outsourcing will has removed the time and expense of spending an effective role in your calculations. It will be inevitable for you to save money on this.

Our services;

  • Opening the workplace SSI file (registration)
  • Execution of personnel recruitment process (Preparation of employment notification to relevant institutions)
  • Preparation of employees payroll
  • Execution of personnel out of work (severance and notice pay etc.)
  • Preparation of monthly premium and service documents
  • Preparation of other notices (exhortation declaring )
  • Other reports (payslip or payroll, detailed payroll report, retirement pay provision and other compensation provision report