If you need anything as consultancy for your company and your group, we would like to support you with our experience in this regard. Some of our services are here, you can use below.

Legal Transactions;

  • Company establishment procedures,
  • Company amendment of the Articles of Association,
  • Company address and type change transactions,
  • Merger, closing and liquidation process operations,
  • Establishment and modification of branches and contact offices,
  • Establishment and support services of foreign-funded companies,
  • Organizing the company's ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies,
  • CPA (Certified Public Accountant ) report operations.

Tax Transactions

  • To support the vendor reconciliation,
  • To support under the double taxation agreement,
  • To apply for discounts, reimbursement and other lists for the return of vat,
  • To share information on incentives and support in sectoral issues,
  • Support for free zone applications.