In today's world, we have been observing that companies are not sufficient in accounting and financial consultancy services. Both technological developments and legislation provisions lead to some issues. This developments after the company's struggle against the problems of the company, as much in terms of both cost does not seem possible time. We know that confidence and accuracy that is need for companies accuracy assets, are essential.

We that are "Rich outsourcing" are aiming indubitably carry on a business world with reliable source principle, right work, after we solve any promblems at the same time we propound you may progress in yours business segments.

Our services in this scope is;

  • Keeping Accounting Records Appropriate for Uniform Chart of Accounts,
  • Evidential Document Control,
  • Current Account Reconciliation Transactions,
  • Stock Tracking, Control and Reporting,
  • Cost Accounting Transactions,
  • Preparing and Approving Banners(value added tax 1-2, stamp, withholding, advance tax, Ba-Bs Forms,
  • Preparation and Reporting of Annual Income Tax,
  • Institutional Tax Preparation and Analysis by Preparing Financial Tables,
  • For companies that are entitled to VAT return, preparation of the VAT return lists and realization of the offset transactions,
  • Accounting processes of Branches and Liaison Offices,